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Marjorie's Magical Marsh - Symone's Sanctimonious Swamp

 The preserve received a new name in 2008, bestowed by Julie Hilton after a substantial donation was made to the BCC on her behalf. The name is whimsical - "Marjorie's Magical Marsh - Symone's  Sanctimonious Swamp" - but the motivation is not: the desire to honor two important women in her life and the hope that love of the land will continue to be passed from one generation to the next. 

The Marjorie-Symone Preserve is located on East Lakeland Drive, off Highway 2311, which is to the east of Deerpoint lake.  This 10-acre parcel was donated by Highpoint developer Stacey Wilson in 2006. A 1.5 -acre addition was purchased in late 2011.





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